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Weigh What You Say Carefully


When you think about the leprosy spoken of in Leviticus 13, do you immediately think of gossipers, complainers and crude jokers?  Well, until I studied this week’s parasha neither did I.  However, according to the ancient teachers, evil speech resulted in tzara’at.  Read More »

Don’t Touch My Food!


Leviticus teaches about the holiness of God and what’s necessary to draw near to Him.  After Aaron’s sons die for approaching YHVH contrary to His commands, (Leviticus 10)  YHVH immediately addresses the people in Leviticus 11 with the topic of clean and unclean animals for the purpose of eating.  Why would He put that topic in the middle of the instructions for approaching His presence?  Could it be there is a direct correlation between the foods we eat and being ritually clean?  Read More »