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Drawing Near Part IV


The Yom Kippur offering was very significant for Israel.  These sacrifices atoned, or covered, the people and the tabernacle so that they would be ritually clean before YHVH for another year.  Without this sacrifice, the children of YHVH would not be able to present any of the four offerings instructed in Leviticus.  Israel understood that these offerings were a privilege.  They also understood that the sacrifices did not take away sin (Hebrew 10:11).  Read More »

Drawing Near III


So Israel had YHVH in their midst with no way to draw near Him.  YHVH provides instructions that will allow the people to korban with Him.  From what I can tell, korban isn’t always about sin.  Read More »

Drawing Near – Part II


We left off with the idea that YHVH was giving instruction to Israel so they could korban, or draw near to Him.  In our modern culture, the idea of animal sacrifices seems barbaric.  I’m learning it seems barbaric because I didn’t have a clear understanding of why it was necessary for animals to die. Read More »

Drawing Near – Part I


So let’s talk about the sacrificial system.  It’s been an area of frustration for me over the years.  In fact, I found it so difficult that I’ve kept it “shelved.”  This year I have found some great teaching on the sacrificial system that has made clear what was once utter confusion.  Read More »