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A Wondrous Journey

Susy at Galveston 2013

My daughter Amy and I spent two weeks traveling from the length and breadth of a state the natives often refer to as “G-d’s country.”  We hiked and drove altitudes from 5280 ft. to well over 11,000 ft.  We viewed magnificent vistas, quiet, peaceful meadows and amazing wildlife.  The air was lightly scented with the resinous smell of pine and pinion, and the steady sound of wind rustling through the trees captured the quietness of our spirits.  Yet in this natural cathedral, holy and majestic, we also learned to tread with caution and respect, constantly aware of the danger surrounding us.  Wildlife were a wonder to behold, yet need to be done from afar.  Wild fires ranged throughout the state, several started by the powerful elements of early summer thunderstorms who’s lighting ignited the dry and parched places it kissed.  Short hikes, moving ever higher among the staggering heights, quickly left us breathless, and Amy painfully discovered that when she failed to watch where she walked, she easily fell and was injured on the sharp, pointed rocks that littered the mountain paths.

Our extended stay in Colorado reminded me of our journey with Christ.  It is at times both peaceful and dangerous, but always magnificent.  One doesn’t need to be surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas to have your breath taken away by G-d’s creation or the difficulties of daily living.  Gratefully, we never walk alone when we journey with Yeshua.  The writer of Hebrews penned these words of encouragement, which says –

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

May your week be blessed with awe and wonder as well as the abiding peace that only being in His presence can provide.

The Path to Promise


The Path to Promise from Calvary Christian Fellowship on Vimeo.

We are living in a time of struggle. The world economy is staggering. The foundations of the earth are being shaken by violence, terror and natural disaster. Fear has stricken the heart of man. Those who are secure in their faith have a promise and blessing to live. Is it possible to live in blessing with calamity all around? The short answer is “yes.” There is a promise of God to all who are of the faith of Abraham that they will dwell in prosperity and goodness. We do not live in the land, and the final redemption is yet to come; yet there is a promise to all who put their trust in God.  This promise is to all who seek and love Him.  In this message “The Path to Promise,” we will explore how to live in prosperity and blessing in the midst of difficulty. Read More »

Final Words


So you’ve come to the realization you are in the final weeks of life and you have the opportunity to share some important thoughts with your loved ones.  What would you say?  Read More »

Longsuffering for My Sake


There is much to be learned from Israel’s journey through the wilderness.  In fact, the ancient sages teach that Israel’s journey can be compared to our spiritual journey.  If a person understands the lessons and tests Israel underwent at each locations, they can use that knowledge to help themselves through their own spiritual walk.  Read More »

The How of Discipleship


The How of Discipleship from Calvary Christian Fellowship on Vimeo.


Matthew 28:19-20
English Standard Version (ESV)

19(A) Go therefore and(B) make disciples of(C) all nations,(D) baptizing them(E) in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20teaching them(F) to observe all that(G) I have commanded you. And behold,(H) I am with you always, to(I) the end of the age.”

“We believe that discipleship is not just a purpose of the Church, but it is the purpose of the church.”

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