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Sharing the Gospel

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What’s the best method for sharing the good news? I can’t really give you a pat answer. It depends on your personality, their situation and His leading. But I can tell you what the best message is…the gospel! Memorize it, personalize it and then contextualize it to whatever situation you are in and whatever method you choose to use. Pastor Mark share this message of encouragement on sharing the gospel as part of of one spiritual discipline. Read More »

The Work Carries On

Susy at Galveston 2013

Have you ever felt confident God had called you to ministry, but found the road difficult and seemingly unsuccessful?  Did it cause you to question whether or not you heard rightly from G-d?  Paul knew he received a commission to preach the gospel throughout the known world.  He spent years traveling through places known as well as places unknown to him.  Read More »

My Hand Hit the Table & The Fork Hit the Floor


ForksWe sat at dinner together as new acquaintances, all speakers at the same conference.   While we discussed the various business topics, each person seemed to take great care not to venture too close to any personal disclosure beyond a casual exchange of home town, state and credentials. Silently I prayed, sensing that this seeming chance encounter could be a “God set-up”. I wondered, could these people be ones intended to hear of His love for them through the simple sharing of moments in my own life and of how this wondrous God had met me.  Could parts of one life story touch another life? Read More »

Pride Blocks His Message

Susie Med

The message of the gospel has always brought division and contention among the people where it’s preached.  There was a prevailing attitude of preference and entitlement among the Jews at this point in history.  They misapplied their responsibility to uphold, protect and defending the Torah as a source of pride.  Read More »

Portion Overview


This weeks overview of the Torah and Gospel reading.
Rod Bryant and Daniel Klutstine discuss the life of Abraham and the covenant.

Mark Brocato presents the Gospel protion in the Cronicles of the Messiah.

The Ministry of Yeshua/Jesus & Our Response

Aleph & Tav


As we begin our new Torah cycle, our new year of Bible study, we look forward to exploring the depths and the heights of the life of the Messiah.   This year we will focus on the Gospels presented in harmony.  Thus, it is fitting that we begin this week with John 1:1, “In the beginning…,” echoing the words of Genesis, calling us to remember the foundation, and setting the scene for the revelation of the Messiah.  As we look at the first 18 verses of the Apostle John’s Gospel, we will uncover who Yeshua is, what He came to do, and how we should respond. Read More »

What Are We Teaching?

Weekly Reading

What Are We Teaching?

The upcoming schedule

One of the frequently asked questions is what our teaching schedule. For those who may not be aware, we follow a weekly cyclical reading plan for the whole church, and we teach from our weekly reading in all of our groups that week. Thus, together we study and explore the Word of God to really experience the richness and fullness of the text.

Some ask us whether or not we have a method to our study schedule at Calvary. The answer is definitely, YES. It is our goal to have any member of Calvary who studies along our study schedule to study through most of the Bible in about five or six years, with a major emphasis on the foundation of the Bible – the Torah. Thus, the basis for our reading plan is the Torah Portion reading cycle.

The Torah Portion reading cycle concept is an ancient cyclical reading pattern which continually guides the reader through much of the Scriptures. This cycle dates back as early as the time of Ezra in the Bible. Today, we follow a Torah Portion reading cycle that has three parts and begins anew each year. The three parts are as follows: one reading from the Torah (the first five books of the Bible), one from the Haftarah (the section of the Bible that contains the Writings and the Prophets), and one reading from the Gospels. Furthermore, the cycle follows the Biblical calendar, so it begins in the fall of each year after the last Biblical feast. If you click on the “Torah Portion” button, which appears on the right side of all of our webpages, you will be directed to the reading schedule site. When you look at the reading schedule for the week, you will notice that it has the three readings.

Although every year, we will have two classes each week that focuses on the Torah, each year, we will emphasize one of the other reading passages in the cycle. In other words, we will always have two ongoing Torah classes – one on Wednesday evening and one on Saturday morning. We will also have classes that emphasize one of the other readings such as the Gospel portion or the Haftarah portion. We will call the other reading our Yearly Emphasis.

Now, some will notice that the cycle does not include readings from the Apostolic Writings (New Testament) other than the Gospels. On the year that we will be studying through the Apostolic Writings, we will include the reading passage on the website immediately above the “Torah Portion” button. So, if you see a passage noted above the button, you know that we will be studying from that passage on the week it is posted.

To participate in a class, you simply read & study the passage for the week and come to the classes. The class schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Evening: Torah Class

Wednesday Evening: Yearly Emphasis

Saturday Morning: Torah Class

Saturday Morning: Yearly Emphasis

Sunday Morning before Service: Yearly Emphasis

2010-2011 Yearly Emphasis: Torah

2011-2012 Yearly Emphasis: Gospels

2012-2013 Yearly Emphasis: Apostolic Writings (Current)

2013-2014 Yearly Emphasis: Torah – Messianic Perspective (Proposed)

2015-2016 Yearly Emphasis: Haftarah (Proposed)

I hope this answers some of your questions about what is immediately coming up, what is our plan for the next year, and what is our long range plan for Bible study.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to exploring the Scriptures with you!