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From Birth to Death


American living has been an abundant, peaceful life in general.  We don’t experience the wars and persecution others live daily with around the globe. the most part we don’t go hungry and have to live under bridges because the government and charitable people make many provisions for the needy.  Read More »

Torah Portion Chukat (Decree)



Numbers 19:1-22:1

I. 40 years in preparation for a new existence

  1. The wilderness is almost a completely spiritual experience (the manna, the miracles of water, The Torah at Sinai, etc.).
  2. The land of Israel, however, is a natural place.  They will “settle” there.  No more pillar of fire guiding them.  Once they enter into the land, their lives will shift to an existence that works to bring the Presence of God into the mundane world.

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Mother’s Day Encouragement

Susie Med

If someone would have told me at any point in time that two years after my mom died I would get hit with grief as intense as the day I first heard she died, I would not have believed them. Call me a believer now. Boy this weekend was difficult. There have been moments of sadness which, on occasion, have lasted a few days, but nothing like this weekend. I think I cried as much on Saturday as I did the first few weeks after her death. I think it’s past now, at least I hope it is. The funny thing was, in the perspective of being honored as a mother myself, it was a blessed weekend. It was a weekend of very high highs, and very low lows. I was grateful my family understood and gave me the room I needed on Saturday, while showering me with love and affection on Sunday to lift my spirits again. Read More »