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Good vs. Perfect


Today I’m diving into the deep end of the pool with my studies.  I’ve been researching the word “good” in the creation account.  Why did YHVH call His creation good?  Why not “perfect?” Read More »

The Creation Part II


Studying the creation week I learned many new things.  Only twice in Genesis does YHVH create, the rest of the process uses a different word.  The Hebrew word for create is bara and is used in Genesis 1:1 about the heavens and earth and again in Genesis 1:27 about man.  The remainder of creation uses the word “made” which is ‘asah in Hebrew.  Read More »

The Creation – Part I


Years ago a wise teacher issued the following challenge – what you believe about Genesis 1:1 will determine what you believe about the rest of the bible.  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” …is it an absolute statement of truth?  Read More »