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Continued Internal House Cleaning


When I’ve had conversations with believers and non-believers alike about the Old Testament they always bring up the brutality and merciless nature of God because of the instructions given to go in and conquer the land; and they are right to a point.  Read More »

Use Your Gifts Wisely


[dc]S[/dc]omething else I realized about Moses’ unfortunate situation.  He had been empowered with the ability to perform many miracles.  His words and actions in obedience to YHVH brought about plagues, protection, and provisions.  However, when you carefully look at all YHVH did through Moses, you will see that YHVH never did anything the same way twice.  Up to this point, Moses listened carefully and obeyed YHVH to the letter.  Read More »

Rebellion of Korah – Part II


Let’s continue with our study of Korah.  Although Moses knew what a mistake they were making, he humbly gave the assembly the opportunity to stand before YHVH to clearly see who YHVH would choose for the duties and responsibilities they so desperately coveted.  Moses warned them they were going too far with their discontent and gave them a night to consider the matter.  Read More »