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A Wondrous Journey

Susy at Galveston 2013

My daughter Amy and I spent two weeks traveling from the length and breadth of a state the natives often refer to as “G-d’s country.”  We hiked and drove altitudes from 5280 ft. to well over 11,000 ft.  We viewed magnificent vistas, quiet, peaceful meadows and amazing wildlife.  The air was lightly scented with the resinous smell of pine and pinion, and the steady sound of wind rustling through the trees captured the quietness of our spirits.  Yet in this natural cathedral, holy and majestic, we also learned to tread with caution and respect, constantly aware of the danger surrounding us.  Wildlife were a wonder to behold, yet need to be done from afar.  Wild fires ranged throughout the state, several started by the powerful elements of early summer thunderstorms who’s lighting ignited the dry and parched places it kissed.  Short hikes, moving ever higher among the staggering heights, quickly left us breathless, and Amy painfully discovered that when she failed to watch where she walked, she easily fell and was injured on the sharp, pointed rocks that littered the mountain paths.

Our extended stay in Colorado reminded me of our journey with Christ.  It is at times both peaceful and dangerous, but always magnificent.  One doesn’t need to be surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas to have your breath taken away by G-d’s creation or the difficulties of daily living.  Gratefully, we never walk alone when we journey with Yeshua.  The writer of Hebrews penned these words of encouragement, which says –

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

May your week be blessed with awe and wonder as well as the abiding peace that only being in His presence can provide.

Holding On to The End

Susy at Galveston 2013

Paul was a man with a mission.  He spent years moving around Asia Minor teaching, preaching and encouraging believers.  However, Paul made it a point to get back to Jerusalem for the feasts G-d required HIS people to attend.  He planned his trips to get him back in time, but it didn’t always work out that way.  In Acts 20 we hear that people were after Paul. Read More »

Watchmen on the Wall

Susy at Galveston 2013

Paul gave some parting words to the elders in Ephesus in Acts 20.  He exhorted them to be watchmen on the wall, shepherds, who were to guard and protect the flock.  He had done all he could to teach and preach the good news of Yeshua.  Read More »

The Joy of the Sabbath

Susy at Galveston 2013

I’ve been studying Jewish observance of the Sabbath and discovered some interesting things.  The Sabbath was a time of great joy and celebration for Jews.  They brought in the Sabbath at sundown using a lovely ritual that reminded them they were G-d’s children and the importance of that relationship.  I also learned they ended the Sabbath with a similar ritual, prolonging the Sabbath as long as possible, not wanting to end this special time with YHVH.  It’s called the Havdalah.  Read More »

Do You Expect Miracles?

Susy at Galveston 2013

So what is your position on miracles? Do you think they happen as often as they once did?  If not, why?  These are some of the questions I often hear when speaking to fellow believers as well as friends who sit on the edge, watching believers.  Read More »

Don’t Let Stubbornness Divide Us

Susy at Galveston 2013

Contrary to popular belief, Paul spent as much time preaching the gospel in Jewish synagogues as he did with Gentile groups, and was successful in reaching Jews as well as Gentiles with the gospel.  (Acts 19:10) Read More »

Everything We Do Matters

Susy at Galveston 2013

When people are mentioned in scripture, I like to take note of who they were and why they were recorded.  Here is a Jew and a Gentile who were instrumental in spreading the gospel. Acts 16:14-15 speaks of a Gentile woman named Lydia who already followed YHVH, but when she heard about Yeshua, she and her household would believe in Him for salvation. Read More »

The Work Carries On

Susy at Galveston 2013

Have you ever felt confident God had called you to ministry, but found the road difficult and seemingly unsuccessful?  Did it cause you to question whether or not you heard rightly from G-d?  Paul knew he received a commission to preach the gospel throughout the known world.  He spent years traveling through places known as well as places unknown to him.  Read More »