Our Lord was obedient to go to the cross. As such He became a reconciling bridge between a lost and dying world and our Creator God. Thus, we at Calvary Christian Fellowship have the vision, by God’s grace, to follow His example as a bridge of ministry on three levels:

First, through practical and relevant community involvement, build a bridge between the world around us and the community of believers;

Second, through an atmosphere of love, grace, acceptance, study, and conversation, without a compromise of essential core truths (see our What We Believe statement), establish a bridge between the rich heritage of traditional Christianity and the authentic Hebraic worldview of the original believers;

Finally, through understanding that the destiny of the Jewish people and land of Israel and the destiny of the community of disciples of Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah are inseparably intertwined and through recognizing the foundation of the church with respect to the Jewish community and the land of Israel, we strive to establish a bridge between the people and land of Israel and the community of disciples of Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah.


To accomplish our vision, we believe that we must not only reach out to the community around us, but we must build up those within our community. We must be real and authentic disciples of our Master Yeshua/Jesus, recognizing that the path to discipleship is a progressive and intentional journey. We understand that only authentic disciples of our Lord will accomplish our Vision of a three-fold bridge ministry. Thus, with grace, we meet people where they are and provide a clear path for them to grow as disciples, ultimately creating disciple-makers who create disciple-makers.


We are a multi-cultural, interdenominational community of believers seeking authenticity in our walk with the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. We endeavor to impart a balance of relevant teaching and contemporary worship rooted in the heritage of traditional Biblical beliefs with a Hebraic understanding. Much like the early church, we have people of every walk of life unified under one faith in the Almighty and His Son, our Lord. With different religious and denominational backgrounds, we are unified in the mission of making disciples of all Nations.


We love to worship in both contemporary and traditional ways. Our passion for God is rooted in seeking a genuine biblical faith. We are passionate to learn the ways of the ancient fathers of faith, from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to the Apostles who walked with our Lord on the earth. Our desire is to walk out this passionate faith with joy and commitment. We have never been more committed to doing the true work of the Kingdom of God – to love God with our whole heart, mind and soul, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Calvary Christian Fellowship
Family Life Church

  • 1999: Calvary Christian Fellowship began in a living room in Huffman, Texas.
  • 2000: Calvary outgrew that small living room and rented its first space at a hotel near Houston Intercontinental Airport.
  • 2001: Calvary purchased its first property, a 3,500 sq ft building just behind the KSBJ building on Wilson Road in Humble.
  • 2003: After renovating and expanding to 5,000 sq ft and going to two services, Calvary purchased a 20,000 sq ft building on F.M. 1960 in Atascocita.
  • 1996: Family Life Church was birthed.
  • 1996: After meeting at Kingwood Middle School for a short time, Roland Ballard’s Ballet & Gymnastics graciously leased space to FLC for four years.
  • 2000: Being blessed with the opportunity to purchase a 52 acre site in Kingwood, FLC moved into their new facility, which later expanded to 30,000 sq ft.
  • 2004: Pastor Lee Short of FLC returned to the mission field on a full-time basis.


    • 2004: Calvary Christian Fellowship and Family Life Church merged congregations to the Kingwood facility.
    • 2006: Nuevo Pacto also merged, giving us the capability of ministering to the Spanish-speaking communities in our area.
    • Present: As the three have become one, we are excited for the opportunity to minister, grow, and serve as the Lord blesses and leads.